Updates and Thank You's, January 21st

A month after the launch of Twin River Travel, we wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received! We have been having wonderful interactions on social media and in person, with all sorts of people who we would never have otherwise had the chance to connect with. The idea of helping people explore Manitoba's wilderness in a way that is both accessible and adventurous has obviously resonated with many of you.

We have lots of announcements to make over the next few months and we are very excited to offer more unique travel opportunities! Follow us on social media, or sign up to our email list from our website to make sure that you're among the first to know!

If you or anyone you know has been interested or curious about joining us on one of our trips, or bringing a group of friends, colleagues, or relatives out for a fun and unique adventure, please get in touch! Email us at info@twinrivertravel.com and we would love to chat. Thank you!

-Sam Anthony,

Twin River Travel



Welcome To Twin River Travel!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Twin River Travel, as of today we are commencing operations which means trips are up for sale so you should definitely go check those out!

Over the last four months, Sam and I have spent many hours building this travel company up from nothing. As of last week our final licenses and permits have come in and we are now up and running! Of course, we are extremely excited and happy that we can start offering these adventures to you.

This whole idea started on a whim one night in late August when Sam and I were sitting in his living room having a beer and lamenting the impending return to university. Wouldn't it be nice if we could travel for a living! Both of us have spent our lives traveling all over the world both with our families and by ourselves. How could we create a business that could provide such an experience to others and allow us to pursue our biggest passion, travel. We merged this passion with the years of experience we both have paddling the lakes and rivers of Manitoba and Ontario. Four months later, here we are, fully licensed and ready for operation! 

Our trips aim to provide an authentic, accessible experience to everyone. With our first season revolving around wilderness canoe trips, we can grow off of a local experience to an international one in years to come. Our trips include just about everything. Door to door pickup and drop off, cooked meals with variation for dietary restrictions, all of the necessary equipment (tents, sleeping bags, paddles, etc.), an introductory lesson to the fundamentals of canoe, and an experienced guide trained to offer you the best experience possible.

We hope you join us on one of our adventures!

Happy traveling,

Tristan Schneider (Co-Owner)