Manitoba Canoe Trip Profiles.


Manitoba is home to some of the best Canoe Trips in Canada. As Manitoba's Canoe Outfitter, Twin River Travel are  proud to offer trips along 4 of the best Canoe Routes in the province. Read on for info on history, wildlife, and what to expect on each route! 

Seagrim Lakes Canoe Trip

Seagrim Lakes - 2 night trip
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The Seagrim Lake chain is a gorgeous string of small, pristine lakes in northern Nopiming Park. This trip runs every weekend from June till August, and is designed to be enjoyable for people of all abilities and experience levels. 

Seagrim Lake itself is a protected area with no overnight camping allowed. The lake is an important Caribou calving area for caribou from Manitoba's southernmost herd of Woodland Caribou, the Owl Lake Herd. We visit the lake on the second day, and enjoy it's amazing walleye fishing. 

The trip covers classically rough and open Canadian Shield landscapes. Wide open rock races, small scraggly trees growing out of any vein of soil they can find, and rich, lowlying peat bogs that are the heart and soul of animal life within the park. 

This trip fits the needs of any guests who are new to canoeing, or just want a nice easy trip. We never paddle more than 10kms in a day, and have lots of break time for swimming, fishing, and relaxing.


Bird River Canoe Trip

Bird River - 3 night trip
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The Bird River route is one of the most popular routes in the province, and takes in the best of what Nopiming Park has to offer. From winding rivers, full of wildlife, to windswept islands on open lakes, this is the quintessential Manitoba Canoe Adventure. 

Leaving from Tulabi Camground, this route follows the Bird River, though Elbow and MacGregor lakes to Snowhoe lake, on the Ontario border.

Along the way, the route passes 2 waterfalls, where you can enjoy fantastic swimming and fishing. On the banks of the Bird River, there is abundant wildlife. Otters are known to follow the boats, chirping at paddlers. Beavers and moose are also common sights along this stretch of river, as well as a multitude of bird, goose and eagle species.

This trip fits the needs of any wilderness loving guest. No paddling experience is required, but be prepared to spend up to 6 hours a day on the water. Before, after, and in-between paddling, there will still be more than enough time for swimming, fishing, eating, and relaxing. 


Whiteshell River Canoe Trip

July 13th-17th

The Whiteshell River has been part of one of the main trade routes between Lake Superior and Lake Winnipeg for thousands of years. 

The trade route was used by the local Ojibwe people to transport goods, including quartz tools made using quartz mined in the Whiteshell region. The marshes of the region were also important sources of food, most notably abundant wild rice harvesting, and hunting for moose and other swamp dwelling animals. 

The trip itself involves a variety of different landscapes, from small to medium sized lakes, to slow moving river sections, winding through marshlands and wild rice, to faster swifts, with some small whitewater and a handful of waterfalls.

This trip fits the needs of any guest who already knows they love camping, and is excited about the opportunity to explore a wild route over 5 days. It's more of an adventure than our weekend trips, but is perfectly suitable for guests with novice canoeing skills. The most important thing is an open and adventurous attitude! 


Manigotagan River Canoe Adventure

Manigotagan Whitewater Trip - 5 night trip
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The Manigotagan River is our most adventurous route offered. 5 nights through complete wilderness, with plenty of whitewater to test your skills, and peaceful calm stretches to sit back and enjoy. 

The Manigotagan River starts in the Northern reaches of Nopiming park, and travels over 100km’s from there to it’s mouth on Lake Winnipeg. The River passes through pristine boreal forest as well as mashes full of wild rice and wildlife like moose, otters, and beavers.

The River is still used by the local community, and we paddle past local trappers cabins on the trip. The community in the town of Manigotagan maintains a trap line in the area in order to educate the youth on ancestral skills and techniques.

Along the way, you'll pass by the remnants of Nopimings gold rush. In the early part of the 20th century, gold was discovered near Bissett, and the Manigotagan River became an important transport route to and from the mines. We pass artifacts from this era along the route, including "The Manigotagan Alligator" a steam powered boat that could winch itself up the numerous rapids along the river.


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