Whiteshell Canoe Adventure - 4 night trip

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Whiteshell Canoe Adventure - 4 night trip


Join us on our 4 night intermediate canoe adventure through the wilds of Manitoba’s Whiteshell region. This route explores fantastic Canadian Shield landscapes, and the unique chance to explore a region that is fondly remembered by generations of Manitobans as a place of adventure and relaxation. We will follow the path of the Whishell River from lake to lake through the region.

This trip will run July 13th to 17th

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Trip Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

This trip requires only beginner level experience, but a readiness to do a longer trip, with some longer days in the canoe. If you are comfortable camping for more than just a couple nights, and able to be active for hours a day, then this is a perfect trip for you.

This trip has mostly short portages, with a few medium length portages, up to 1.25 kilometres. You are expected to help carry equipment along the portages, but you are never expected to carry more than you feel comfortable with.

Once at camp, guests are expected to share in the duties of setting up and maintaining the campsite. This includes setting up tents (don’t worry, your guide will teach you how to set up our tents), collecting firewood, and packing up your own sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

Important Info

1.       The waiver, and medical info form will be sent to you after booking and need to be filled out and signed to go on the trip

2.       Our trips depart from the Winnipeg Canoe Kayak Centre at 80 Churchill Drive (just across from Churchill High School). There is street parking available in front of the centre.

3.       We will meet at the centre at 8:00am Friday morning, aiming to leave at 8:30am.

4.       We will return to Winnipeg mid-afternoon on Tuesday. Roughly between 4 and 6.

5.       You only need to bring what is mentioned on the packing list. Anything else is provided by us. We have boats, paddles, lifejackets, gear, food, tents, sleeping bags/mats, and a passenger van to transport you from Winnipeg to the Whiteshell

6.       We are outdoors for our entire trip. We camp in tents and spend our days on the water and around the campsites. Be prepared for rain, sun, bugs, and hot and cold weather. Sunscreen, bug-spray, rain-jackets, and 2 warm sweaters are recommended depending on forecast (check packing list below)



Even though it’s summer, we are outside almost all the time, and it can get cold, especially at night.

Anything you bring will be paddled across lakes and carried over portages, therefore it’s important to pack light. Don’t worry about not having a change of clothes every day, after a few days in the woods everyone’s gonna be a bit stinky! There are no shower facilities on the trip, but you can always jump in the lake to wash off if needed.

The Basics

*When cotton gets wet, you get cold. Please bring technical clothing that will wick away sweat. Wool or polyester both work great. Workout clothes are a good bet.

·         2 shirts

·         1 pair pants

·         1 pair shorts

·         1 pair of underwear per day

·         1 pair of socks per day (bonus points if you bring wool socks)

·         1 swim suit

·         1 towel

·         1 pair of shoes, sturdy hikers or runners

·         1 pair sandals, for swimming and for wearing at the site

For Cold and Rain

Please check the weather before your departure and adapt accordingly. For example, a trip in May with plenty of rain forecasted will want to bring an extra sweater

Make sure to pack your gear either in a waterproof bag, or to place your valuables in ziplocs and your clothing in a garbage bag. If it rains before we get our tents set up then your bags will get wet.

·         1 rain jacket. Please DO NOT forget a rain jacket, keeping dry is the most important step in staying warm. Even if there is no rain forecast, forecasts change. 

·         2 warm sweaters/jackets

·         1 toque

·         Warm base layers/pyjamas, shirt and long underwear.

·         1 pair gloves


Personal Items

·         Toothbrush

·         Toothpaste

·         Sunglasses

·         Sunscreen

·         Bug spray

·         Water bottle

·         Hat

·         A good book

·         Flashlight

The Rules

1.       No alcohol

2.       No drugs

3.       Safety first. (Detailed safety instructions will be given on the trip)

4.       Minors must be accompanied by an adult

5.       Respect the environment. We carry out all our garbage, make sure you dispose of everything properly while on the trip.