About Our Staff

All our staff and guides are experienced travellers, campers, and canoers. They are highly skilled, and trained in canoe technique and safety, as well as wilderness first aid. Our guides take every measure possible to ensure a safe, and enjoyable trip


We're a Manitoba travel company founded to help people enjoy unique travel experiences and opportunities. We were founded on the principle that wilderness travel should be available to everyone. Our goal is to make your trip as fun, adventurous, and enjoyable as possible.

When you join us on a trip, we take care of everything. You bring your clothes and personal items, but the food, transport, gear, etc... That's all on us.


Samuel Anthony, Founder

Tristan Schneider, Founder


Our Core Values...

Environmental Sustainability

Our trips are centered around the beauty of the natural world, and it is important to us that we do everything possible to ensure that we protect and preserve it. All our trips strive to leave the environment around us as pristine as it was when we arrived. We aim to pass on these skills and values to all our guests.


We aim to offer travel experiences that give travelers a unique and authentic perspective on their destination.

Inclusive Travel

Anyone is welcome on our trips, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, religion, or culture. Discrimination of any kind is never tolerated.

Small Group Travel

We believe that small group travel is more rewarding, fun, educational and enjoyable than traveling in a larger group.