★★★★★ - We organized a 3 day canoe trip with Twin River Travel - a group of friends - which was wonderful. Super easy, as transportation, food, canoes, paddles, etc. are taken care of. The trip itself was beautiful and the canoeing was fun and not too challenging. The food was fantastic. Definitely recommend that you organize a group -- co-workers, family, neighbours, etc.


★★★★★ - I signed up for the 3-day yoga/canoe trip with Twin River Travel and had a great time! Everything was a breeze ... they did an excellent job organizing. The food was amazing and the locations were beautiful! I felt very well taken care of and would definitely recommend it to anyone


★★★★★ - I had the pleasure of participating on the Seagram Lake 2 night excursion and had a wonderful time!! The guides were awesome through every stage of the trip, leaving us all feeling well looked after! Kind of a rugged version of the spa :) The food was excellent and the sites where we camped were gorgeous. I would recommend this particular excursion to anyone who is either a bit of a beginner or looking for a great outdoor experience without all of the work of doing it yourself!


★★★★★ - Had a great time on our trip, guides were hilarious, food was great, everything was taken care of just bring your back pack full of clothes and your fishing stuff and go! would highly recommend to anyone thinking of a trip along the lines of this me and my significant other will be making this a yearly thing!


★★★★★ - My 3 day trip in the Seagrim Lake chain with Twin River Travel was easily one of the best experiences I've had outdoors in Canada. Liam, our guide, was hilarious, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. The food was wonderful and the trip was entirely stress-free because all the necessary gear is provided. All you need to bring are your clothes. You should probably also bring a camera because the scenery is stunning.