Overnight Trips

Safety is the most important part of any enjoyable wilderness travel experience. We take care to maintain safety standards by ensuring we maintain proper guidelines, training, and equipment.


Guide Training

All our guides are trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and are certified in their canoeing skill level. They are prepped for relevant safety issues on each and every trip depending on location, weather, and the group that they are leading.  Our groups are prepped before departure on safety issues they can expect, and how to avoid dangerous situations. 

On the Water

Guests and guides are required to wear pfd's at all times when on the water. All boats carry safety equipment including throw-ropes, bailers, and flashlights. 

Other Safety Equipment

We carry a satellite phone with us on every overnight trip. This ensures that we have contact with emergency services when there is little or no cell reception. 

We always have at least 3 possible options for water purification. Depending on what the water will be used for, and the surroundings, we use a mix of gravity filters, aqua-tabs, and boiling to ensure all water is safe and potable. For example, we might boil water that is used for cleaning dishes, but for refilling a personal water bottle in the middle of the day we are more likely to simply use an aqua-tab or gravity filter.


We work closely with the Manitoba Canoe/Kayak centre to provide a safe and enjoyable day trip experience for canoers of any experience level. We maintain strict guide to guest ratios, and whenever there are boats on the water, we have radio communication to a safety-boat operator at the Canoe/Kayak club who is available to come assist in under 10 minutes. 

Guests and guides are required to wear pfd's at all times while on the water, and all boats carry necessary safety equipment such as throw-ropes, bailers, and flashlights.