Duke of Edinburgh Bronze level Bird River Canoe trip

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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze level Bird River Canoe trip



We are running two bronze level Duke of Edinburgh canoe trips for participants in the Duke of Ed program. The first will run August 7th to 9th, and the second August 21st to 23rd. The trips include a pre-trip planning meet-up and paddle in Winnipeg, then a 2 night trip on the BIrd River in Nopiming Park. You don't need transport, we have a vehicle, and we provide all the camping specific gear you will need for your trip.

The Bird River is a beautiful trip that takes in all the best that Nopiming park has to offer. The trip departs from Tulabi falls and travels along the Bird River to the Ontario Border. Depending on weather we will paddle between 30-40 kms.


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The Basics
1. The waiver, and medical info form are sent out upon booking, and need to be filled out and signed to go on the trip. You can send scans of the documents to us, or mail them to our address (38 Purcell ave, Winnipeg Mb, R3G 1A1).

2. Our trips depart from the Winnipeg Canoe Kayak Centre at 80 Churchill Drive (just across from Churchill High School). There is street parking available in front of the centre.

3. We will meet at the centre at 7:00am Monday morning, aiming to leave at 7:30am.

4. We will return to Winnipeg mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Roughly around 5pm.

5. You only need to bring what is mentioned on the packing list. Anything else is provided by us. We have boats, gear, food, tents, and a passenger van to transport you from Winnipeg to Nopiming Park

6. We are outdoors for our entire trip. We camp in tents and spend our days on the water and around the campsites. Be prepared for rain, sun, bugs, and hot and cold weather. Sunscreen, bug-spray, rain-jackets, and 1 or 2 warm sweaters are recommended depending on forecast (and wool socks!).

The Rules
1. No alcohol/drugs
2. Safety first. (Detailed safety instructions will be given on the trip)
3. Respect the environment. We carry out all our garbage, make sure you dispose of everything properly while on the trip.

What to expect
This Bronze level trip will focus on providing participants with camping and wilderness travel skills, as well as canoe techniques and skills. We aim to paddle 10-15kms per day, with roughly two to four portages per day. On days one and two we will travel for four hours per day with two hours of camping/survival education in the evenings. On day three we will paddle six hours then drive back to Winnipeg. The trip will be led by trained and professional guides, with a focus on teaching participants the skills needed to self-guide wilderness canoe trips.

There will be a preparatory excursion on the Red River in Winnipeg. We will paddle for four hours through the Red and Seine Rivers. A date and time will be chosen shortly.

Skills Taught
- Equipment Needed/How to Use It
- Emergency Protocols/Procedures
- Emergency Communication
- Proper packing/What to wear
- C-Stroke/J-Stroke
- Draw/Cross-bow Draw
- Water Rescues
- Solo Canoeing
- Shelter Building
- Map Reading/Navigation
- Fire Building
- Environmental Protection (Leave No Trace)
- Camp Cooking/Hygiene
- First Aid in the Wilderness