Wild Path x Twin River Travel Yoga Canoe trips

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Wild Path x Twin River Travel Yoga Canoe trips


Twin River Travel and Wild Path, are excited to be teaming up to offer three unique retreat experiences in gorgeous Manitoban wilderness. Ash Bourgeois will be leading yoga, meditation, and vision and goals workshops. We will be running one trip each month, from June to August. Each trip has a unique focus and feel, but all trips are accessible to all ages and skill levels. Space is very limited. Vegetarian options are available.

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Wild in me Honours the Wild in you: June 2nd to 4th

A relaxing trip that will give you time to unwind and enjoy pristine landscapes and good company. Yoga classes will focus on relaxation, releasing muscle tension, connecting with breath, and exploring your meditation practice. Workshops will focus on reducing stress and cultivating presence. 

Where the Wild Things Are: July 14th to 16th

We're going to get in touch with our adventurous side on this trip! This trip will focus on exploration and discovery. Yoga classes will be energizing and playful, with the goal of building strength and showing you what you're capable of. Workshops will help you unearth your dreams, and create tangible goals around them. 

Follow the Sun: August 25th to 27th

This is a playful trip where we take time to enjoy the warmth of the final month of summer. Expect to enjoy activities like hiking and swimming, and with access to paddle boards. There will be sunrise meditation classes and sunset yoga that is a balance of both energizing and relaxing. Workshops will involve cultivating balance and tools to prepare you for fall.

Our Route

All trips will take in the Seagrim lake chain, a set of small pristine lakes in Nopiming park. This area of the park is known for it’s population of boreal caribou. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a short trip with easy distances. It makes for a fun and accessible first trip!

What you need to know

These trips depart Friday mornings and return Sunday evenings. As with all our trips, we provide almost everything, including transport, boats, food, gear, and an experienced guide. You are only responsible for bringing your clothing as well as your personal items. A detailed packing list will be sent to you once you have booked your trip. Twin River Travel is committed to the values and principles of small-group travel, and as such the maximum group size is 8 people. Single travelers are welcome on all our trips, but be aware that we may ask you to share a tent with another same-gendered traveler.

Our van departs from the Winnipeg Canoe Kayak Centre at 80 Churchill Drive in Winnipeg, between 7:30am and 8am. If you need a pick-up from a different location, let us know and we can easily make arrangements. On the drive out we’ll make a quick stop for breakfast (usually Tim Horton’s), be advised that this is the one meal that you are responsible for paying for, so bring cash if you plan on getting anything. It's a 2.5 hour drive to our launch site, and when we arrive we start your trip with a 1 hour intro to canoe lesson. This is where you will develop the skills that you get to put to use for the rest of your trip. After this, your canoe experience begins!

What to expect

Each day you can expect a delicious breakfast prepared by guide, followed by some time to relax and enjoy the views while drinking your morning coffee or tea. Once we pack up, we’ll get on the water and paddle for about 1 to 1.5 hours before finding a spot for a lunch break, as well as swimming if anyone wants to cool off. After lunch we will continue paddling for another 1.5 to 2 hours and then settle down at our spot for the evening. At our site, your guide will teach everyone about the basics of clean and responsible camping and help with site setup along every step of the way. You can choose any number of ways to enjoy your time at the site, including swimming, hiking, picking blueberries, or just chatting around the fire. Yoga and workshop times will change depending on your trip, for example, "Follow the Sun" will focus more on early morning activities than some of the others.